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My muse has just discovered they’re pregnant. Send me a + to see how they would break the news to your muse.

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You wanna do a thread? Hit me up.
You wanna do an AU? Hit me up.
You wanna do something weird but awesome? Hit me up.
You wanna do something fluffy and adorable? Hit me up.
You wanna do a crackship? 
Hit me up.

In conclusion, hit me up.

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Try to boss about my muse.


Try and tease them into doing something for you. Beg them, blackmail them, nothing is off limits!

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My character vanishes one day. About a year later your character spots them out in public with a baby! How does your character react?


holding baby

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for the cosplayers

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Our muses are a married couple that has recently got in a fight. My muse, instead of sleeping in bed with yours, is lying uncomfortably on the couch. How does your muse react?

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